Inventory of Jefferson Artworks

April 18, 2008

Printmaker and master framer Grey Byrd came to help inventory the Jefferson artworks today. He’s holding a print by Bruce Arriss called The Abalone Workers, one of the twenty-six prints from the Works Project Administration at Jefferson.

Arriss was a close friend of John Steinbeck and it’s possible this is an illustration from an edition of Cannery Row.

Here’s our current inventory of Jefferson Artworks – updated April 25, 2008

Works Project Administration lithographs, various artists – 26 29 35 in storage

Botanical prints, artist unknown – 38 39 in storage, three in classroom B 27

Editorial drawings by Lute Pease – 19 20 in storage, one on loan to Oregon Historical Society

Color prints of Oregon scenes, artist unknown – 6 in storage

“Along The Waterfront” by Louis Bunce – not found at Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Monument by Karl Bitter – at North Entrance

Lewis & Clark Monument by Adrian Voisin – at North Entrance

World War I Monument by Avard Fairbanks – at North Entrance

Three panel marquetry by Aimee Gorham – in main hall

“Ski Scene” by Daryl Austin – not found not part of the collection

A glass mosaic by WPA artist Alan Flavel – classroom D 21

Mural by Isaka Shamsud-Din – classroom D 21

“River Logs” by Byron Gardner – in storage

“Worksheet #1” by Harry Widman – in storage

“Computerized Visage of the Vepaman” by Orleonok Pitkin – in storage


One comment

  1. As an avid collector of art, I would be interested in volunteering or to help in fundraising with the Jefferson Artworks. Recently, my husband and I loaned our Harry Widman oil to Willamette University which chronicled his 40+ year journey from a highly regarded Portland Painter to a professor and teacher at the Portland Art Museum. Our oil was the oldest representation of Harry Widman and is considered one of his most monumental paintings. The exhibition ran recently for 3 months at the Halle Museum of Art at Willamette U.

    The artworks at Jefferson and their importance in a bigger picture was never pointed out to me as a student even though I was an art major.

    But now that we have ramped up and actually acknowledged the valuable assets we have at Jeff., how can we preserve these treasures which could and would be lost through neglect,ignorance and unfamiliarity?
    Barbara (Bruce) Hildebrandt Class of 1995

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