Autzen Foundation supports the Jefferson Artworks

January 17, 2009

Jefferson High School has received a grant of $5000 from the Autzen Foundation for the conservation and restoration of the Jefferson Artworks.

Funds for the Autzen Foundation came from the estate of Thomas Autzen.  The philanthrophy is managed by his son.

Many thanks to the Autzen Foundation!

The funds have been banked in a special account to be managed jointly by the school’s business manager and Nina Olsson, an arts conservator working in Portland and a member of Friends of the Arts in Schools.  Nina was key in inviting local arts historians and conservators to tour Jefferson High School and see the Jefferson Artworks.  Nina has volunteered to manage the restoration of the Jefferson Artworks.

Five thousands dollars is a big push in the right direction for this project.  We hope other foundations and individuals interested in maintaining this fine collection of artworks match the contribution of the Autzen Foundation – and more.

Our goal is to raise $27,000.  This full amount will secure these artworks from damage caused by time and standard wear and tear for another generation.  Only by accomplishing this conservation plan can we show much of the Jefferson Artworks to students, to the community, and to the public.


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