About Art Restoration

Art tells a story; at least a story about the gifting of the artwork, and in a sense, artwork begins as a gift. Here, I’ve made something for you, something imbued with magic and meaning beyond it’s accumulated molecules.

Cherish it. The artwork is a message moving through you toward the future.

Alumni and friends of Jefferson High School have made several gifts of artwork to the school over the past 100 years. These artworks and others are now in need of skillful cleaning, reframing, restoration and preservation for future generations of Jefferson students to enjoy and learn from.

The cleaning and restoration of the artworks at Jefferson High School will be done by professionals hired by the Alumni Association and supervised in conjunction with the school district.

Funds will be raised during the Summer and Fall of 2008, and the restoration work will be done in the Spring of 2009, to be unveiled during the Centennial Celebration of Jefferson in May of 2009.

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