Lute Pease Drawings

Lute Pease editorial cartoon – circa 1939.

Lute Pease editorial cartoon – circa 1939.

Jefferson High School possesses 19 original drawings by Lute Pease, who drew for the Newark Evening Star and probably other papers. Pease won a Pulitzer Prize for this work in 1949. The artworks need immediate restoration.

Much thanks to alumni Ancil Nance who  made careful photographs of all of the Pease drawings.

More about Lute Pease.


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  1. […] Contributions can be sent to Jefferson Artworks at Jefferson High School 5210 No. Kerby Ave, Portland, OR 97217. Information on the project, including scans of two of the cartoons, is posted at https://jeffersonart.wordpress.com/lute-pease-drawings/ […]

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